Live your style every day with Syska HD1610 Hair Dryer

Blow drying your hair makes it cascade beautifully in place, looking frizz-free, soft and glossy. Whether you have naturally curly or straight hair, a hair dryer always comes handy; especially when you have no time for a trip to the salon.
Live your style with Syska HD1610 – a compact and elegant hair dryer that serves your every hair need. Forget all about your other time-consuming hair equipment like the hair straightening cream, hair straightening brush, curling iron and flat iron. Get your entire style fix with just one gadget!


Here are 7 reasons you need the Syska HD1610 Hair Dryer

Damage-free styling, every day:
This 1200 Watt blow dryer is perfect for daily use; whether you have an important meeting you’ve been preparing for since weeks or a sudden get-together with your friends. Its powerful performance will get you ready in a matter of minutes, even while it is mild on the tresses.

Heat-balance technology:
If your dryer’s heat is too strong, it can singe your hair causing long-term damage to the hair shafts. Syska’s heat-balance technology ensures that it isn’t too intense but instead evenly-distributed for a gentle drying experience.
The best bit is that it heats up quickly and in a controlled manner so you can style your hair pronto.

Overheat protection:
The issue with buying a hair straightener at a low price or a hair blower from an unfamiliar brand is over-heating. You run the risk of ruining your hair, spoiling the gadget and experiencing a short circuit.
Trust only names you recognize – like Syska HD1610. It cuts off heat supply beyond a point that in turn prevents over-heating. It makes sure you and your home are secure!

Concentrator & cool air shots:

Syska HD1610 comes with a narrow concentrator that releases just the right amount of heat and does the job of styling with complete ease.
Plus, the hair plays the part of a cool hair dryer, as it releases cool air shots. It’s almost like drying your hair naturally, only much faster!

2-speed setting:
One button, two functions! Simply switch between two modes and control the speed and flow of air. You have the flexibility to choose, based on what you think is best for your hair.
Controlled styling helps lock in the right amount of moisture by not sapping the natural oils of your hair.

Cuts out the noise:
Syska does away with one of the biggest banes of using a domestic or professional hair dryer – noise. This one is equipped with a big wind inlet that reduces air swirl for quiet and efficient drying.

Perfect travel partner:
If you’re out traveling, the last things you need are cumbersome, heavy hair tools. When it comes to portability, Syska HD1610 proves to be the best hair dryer. It is designed to be light-weight, with a foldable handle. Take it along with you, wherever you go and keep looking stylish – it’s your own mini hair dryer!
Hair drying should be convenient and fun – or both. Which is why, Syska HD1610 is perfect. Get yourself one today!

Make a style statement with the Syska Trendsetter Hairdryer

Flaunt your fashion statement with beautiful, soft hair every day! Bring home the Syska HD1605 1000W hair dryer. It does so much more than just dry damp hair – style your locks the way you want, from the soft curly hair look to sleek straight stands.


Here are a few reasons Syska Trendsetter is handier than all your hair straightening creams, hair straightening brushes and curling irons put together:
Health breeze mode:
You must have heard tales about hair dryers that leave hair feeling rough, dry and damaged. Syska Trendsetter is different – its health breeze mode releases the right amount of air that dries your hair without stripping it of natural oils.
Say hello to healthy hair, minus the frizz!

2-speed setting:
No one knows your hair better than you. This is why Syska HD1605 comes with a speed setting that allows you to switch between 2 modes according to what suits you best. Enjoy the flexibility to control its air flow as you pre-select the heat and speed you want.
Maintain the ideal amount of moisture in your hair with just the click of a switch!

Syska Trendsetter is the only hair tool you need. Its light-weight design makes it portable; it also folds at the handle, making it a compact travel-partner.
Take it with you, wherever you go!

Heat Balance Technology:

The hair dryer’s heat balance technology with low noise ensures even heat-distribution that opens up your locks and dries your hair gently. Since there’s no undue concentration of heat, you needn’t worry about damage. Also, the big wind inlet reduces air swirl for quiet and efficient drying.
Sound-free and easy-to-use!

Over-heat protection:
Syska Trendsetter automatically switches of heat supply which prevents overheating. The over-heat protection feature ensures your hair doesn’t singe, protects your hair dryer from damage and safeguards your power source from short-circuits.
Style your hair with love!

Gentle daily care:
Your hair is an asset. It needs a little TLC (tender loving care) to look good and feel better. However, subjecting it to salon procedures like permanent hair straightening or home equipment like a hair straightener or curler on a daily basis, leaves it looking dull.
The 1000W Syska Trendsetter treats your beautiful mane with love, making it look effortlessly perfect, silky and soft.
Enjoy fuss-free fashion, every day!
Hair drying has never been such an easy and pleasant experience. Go ahead, grab your Syska HD1605 Trendsetter Hair Dryer. It’s the better than the best hair straightener and curler you can lay your hands on – it’s an all-in-one!

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Here are few tips & tricks that will help you create your own style statement-

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