How to grow & maintain your Beard

It’s not the man that makes the beard but, rather, the beard that makes the man.A beard says a lot more about you than you think, it distinguishes you from the rest of the herd and creates your own personal style statement.Wont you agree?

Here are few tips & tricks that will help you create your own style statement-

Commitment towards growing a beard – Growing a full beard is a lengthy process and requires commitment & dedication. It is a test of your will power & could also lead to self-discovery. If you are planning to grow a beard you need to brace yourself for all the coming challenges & stay firm on your decision. Your commitment towards having a beard is the only thing that will get you through all the ups & down in this journey.


Patience – If you want to grow a beard like a real man you need to have the patience of a saint. Everyone has a different growth rate when it comes to facial hair and maintaining even grown might not be possible at the beginning. a scruffy look on your face might tempt you to shave it off an feel that smooth skin once again but once you are able to make it through this phase you truly become worthy of having the beard a man deserves.

Trim that Beard – Don’t forget to give a light trim your beard every now and then, invest in a quality beard trimmer and learn how to use it properly. Not everybody’s facial hair grow at the same rate and all beards need to be shaped   occasionally during the growing stage in order to have a natural-looking, well-shaped growth of hair. One of the tricks to have a proper beard that goes well with your face is to keep trimming the beard from the very beginning which will make it easier to shape once it is fully grown.


Wash it regularly -Washing your beard is just as important as washing your hair, there are plenty of beard shampoos available in the market to help you keep that beard healthy, You should also make sure you moisturize or add a beard oil to give it back what it will lose by exfoliation to help keep skin hydrated.

Match it with your Face Shape – A beard can define the shape of your face in a well-defined manner, it can define your cheek bones and jaw line, so knowing which one works for you is vital while growing a beard. If you have a thin face, a thick beard at roughly a centimeter in length and shaped on the cheeks, following the cheekbones, will help fill out your face but If you have a fuller face and you want to grow a beard, cutting it into a slight point at the chin will give definition and enhance your jaw line.


Don’t let it grow Wild – it is important to keep the uneven beard growth in check while growing a full beard. This is also one of the most common mistake that one make will in the process of growing a full beard, the objective of growing a full beard is to make a powerful statement that complements your personality. A wild unruly beard will give out the impression that one is lazy with no regards for cleanliness or grooming.

Eat Right – Believe it or not but the health of your facial hair is directly related to the health of your body, the vitamins and nutrient that are beneficial to your body are also beneficial to the growth of your beard. This means you can stop cursing your gene pool & grow a more beautiful, shinier & thick beard by just eating the right foods and consuming the right nutrients. Pro tip – you can increase the intake of Vitamin E and C that promote the production of sebum, natural oil that is produced by our bodies and lubricates and moisturizes hair that makes it look more thick & lush

Make proper use of Beard Oil – Variety of beard oils are available today to help you keep your beard growing & shining and of these oils although different in scent it will give your beard proper conditioning and make your beard look softer and shinier. 


Beating the Beard Itch – Itchiness is the part of the process, once the skin gets used to all the extra hair growth the itching sensation passes away however it could get frustrating and could drive a person to the point where he shaves off any and all beard in the heat of the moment. To avoid this, you can try to keep your beard as clean as possible by washing it regularly.Brush it & also give it a trim when required.

Don’t go crazy with your beard– A few extra facial hairs could make you extra creative and might tempt you to make your beard look like something other than a beard. Avoid getting on the fancy train & stick to a simple style when growing the beard for the first time.


Probably the most challenging thing to handle once you’ve grown your beard, will be the reactions of those around you. Your mother or Girlfriend might not be the happiest person on the earth, but once you achieve your beard goals you can discover the world in a whole new light, soon the facial hair becomes the part of your identity and you realize that it is was all so worth it.