IonStraight HS2021i

Straight hair never goes out of trend. Some of us have natural straight hair and rest go to the salon to get the straight hair look. But not anymore. Why go to a salon when the salon can come to you. Syska proudly presents HS2021i hair straightener to get salon like straight and glossy hair. Wait no more, because this is your perfect hair companion. It carries the legendary Korean signature and cutting edge technology to give you an experience that’s above all. It gives you exactly the same look which you’ve been wanting for so long. Straight, curls, semi-straight, any look you want, you will get it with the stylish HS2021i.


Variable Temperature:

6 variable temp settings from 120 degree to 220 degree


Rapid heating:

30 seconds rapid heating function


Other Features:

1 hour auto off protection , lockable handle & 360 degree civil power cord

Tech Specs:

  • Power:40W
  • Input: 220~240V

Advanced Ionic Technology

The Syska HS2021i comes with a unique Ionic Technology which adds shine and gives you frizz-free hair without being static. This ionic technology works to emit negative ions which in turn neutralize the hairs atoms and eliminate the static and frizz making the hair smoother. Ionic technology also works to dry your hair faster as it causes the water molecules to dry off the hair shaft more quickly. Faster, smoother and safer.

Ready to use in 30 seconds

The Syska HS2021i has a 30-second rapid heating function so you can get to style your hair sleek and glossy faster than ever before. So even if you are in a hurry, it’s possible to get shiny, straight hair with ease and speed.


Ceramic Coating Plate

For extra care and ultra-smooth hair, this hair straightener comes with Ceramic Coating Plate which makes your hair even more smooth and shiny. The ceramic plate is long-lasting and durable for optimum performance year on year.

Stylish and safe

The sleek design of the Syska HS2021i makes it easy to use and helps to prevent injuries. It also uses a heat balancing technology which prevents injury and cools down relatively fast. It also has a temperature indicator to let you know how hot it’s getting.


Simple locking with just the push of a button

To lock the Syska HS2021i, simply push the button with the lock icon on it and you’re set. To unlock it, push the button again. Couldn’t get easier than this.

Set the temperature for flawless salon results.

It comes with 6 variable temperature setting from 120 degrees to 220 degrees. You can change the temperature to get the hair style you want. It also enables you to change the shape of your hair and flaunt the desired look.


360 degree swivel power cord

It comes with a 360-degree swivel power cord which is used to power the HS2021i. Simply plug it into the socket and wait for the heating plates to warm up. The power cord also swivels around 360° to prevent unnecessary tangling and knotting while you are straightening your hair.

Temperature indicator

The Syska HS2021i has a temperature indicator so you can control how hot you want it.


Automatically shuts off!

Every detail of HS2021i is specifically designed for more efficient and safe straightening experience. This fast and superior hair straightener automatically shuts off after an hour if kept idle.

Crafted in Korea

The special Syska SuperGlam has been crafted in Korea with latest technology and expertise. Syska Personal Care products are individually selected and crafted in Korea keeping in mind the hygiene, ease of use, quality and durability. Each product goes through thorough research. They are designed & crafted by technology experts who deliver the best products in the industry delivering best consumer experience.


2 Years Warranty

Syska SalonPro reaches you after stringent quality control process and series of tests to ensure that our products perform and last really long. Should there be any complaint the product is covered by assured 2 Years Warranty for complete peace of mind. For complete details, refer to the warranty card shipped inside the box.

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