SalonFinish HD8208

Bring your salon home with the SalonFinish Hair Dryer from the house of Syska. Get ready to style your hair without having to step out. The Syska SalonFinish is designed to dry and style your hair to any level of moisture you desire with its 3-speed settings, so you can style it just the way you want it. It even has a cold drying function. Don’t worry about a loud fan screaming in your ears as the SalonFinish is quiet for efficient drying. Its handle is foldable so you can pack it and take it anywhere you go. Are you ready to step out with shiny and healthy looking hair today? 


Uniform Temperature:

Constant caring temperature to maintain your hairs natural moisture level for shiny and healthy looking hair


Foldable Handle:

Smartly designed foldable handle makes this hair dryer easy to pack & takes less space in storing.


2 Years Warranty:

Stringent quality control process and series of tests to ensure that our products performs and lasts really long.

Quiet Design :

  • Big wind inlet reduces air swirl for quiet & efficient drying

Get to Styling Faster

The Syska SalonFinish uses a wave heating element in its system. This element helps the SalonFinish to warm up faster and dries your hair more quickly so you don’t waste time.

Constant Caring Temperature

The Syska SalonFinish dries your hair efficiently but also uses a constant caring temperature which helps to maintain the natural level of moisture in your hair to reduce the chances of your hair getting damaged. This gives your hair a shiny and healthy look.


3 Speed Settings

Control the level of dryness of your hair effortlessly with 3 different speed settings of the Syska SalonFinish.

Designed for Your Comfort

The sleek design of the Syska SalonFinish fits easily into your hand so that you can use it comfortably. It also has a big wind inlet to reduce air swirl which makes the SalonFinish quieter and provides a more pleasant blow drying experience.


Beautifully Designed for Your Beautiful Hair

The Syska SalonFinish has an elegant and stylish design with a pop of colour which adds an element of fashion to it.

Heat Balance Technology

The Syska SalonFinish produces an even airflow with the heat balance technology. Do not worry about getting air that is not properly heated or an uneven flow. Style your hair without any fear.


Overheat Protection

Do not worry about your Syska SalonFinish becoming too hot and burning as it comes with a safety thermostat which controls the temperature of the SalonFinish and makes sure it does not get too hot.

For Sensitive Hair

The Syska SalonFinish comes with a cold drying option which reduces the heat produced and therefore minimizes the damage done to your beautiful hair. It is especially useful for hair that is fine, dry or damaged. It is the perfect setting for warm summer days to cool your hair for natural styles.


Foldable Handle for Extra Portability

Style your hair on the go or simply pack more efficiently with the Syska SalonFinish which comes with a foldable handle so you can store it better.

Crafted in Korea

The special Syska SalonFinish has been crafted in Korea with latest technology and expertise. Syska Personal Care products are individually selected and crafted in Korea keeping in mind the hygiene, ease of use, quality and durability. Each product goes through thorough research. They are designed & crafted by technology experts who deliver the best products in the industry delivering best consumer experience.


2 Years Warranty

Syska SalonFinish reaches you after stringent quality control process and series of tests to ensure that our products perform and last really long. Should there be any complaint the product is covered by assured 2 Years Warranty for complete peace of mind. For complete details, refer to the warranty card shipped inside the box.

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