SuperGlam HS2015

Need perfectly sleek and shiny hair, but no time to go to salon. Get salon style hair at home. Yes, gone are the days when you had to go to the salon to straighten your hair. Syska presents you “SuperGlam” HS2015 hair straightener. The ultimate hair grooming gear. Be your beautiful best in less than a minute with the rapid heating function of super glam. It turns your dull hair into shimmering and glossy flair. The compact and lightweight design makes it easy for you to use and carry anywhere. So, get ready to attain everyone’s attention with your shiny hair. And if you are worried about hair damage. Don’t be. Because super glam has an intelligent system that distributes heat evenly across the aluminium plate.


Rapid heating:

30 seconds rapid heating function

Other Features:

Lockable handle , lockable handle & 360 degree civil power cord

Tech Specs:

  • Power: 35W
  • Input: 220~240V

Ready to use in 30 seconds

The Syska SuperGlam has a 30-second rapid heating function so you can style your hair sleek and glossy faster than ever before. So even if you are in a hurry, it’s possible to get stylish, shiny and straight hair with ease and speed.

Ceramic Coating Plate

For extra care and ultra-smooth hair, this straightener comes with long-lasting and durable ceramic coating plate which makes your hair even more smooth and shiny.


PTC Heater for uniform heating

The Ceramic Coating Plate uses heat balancing technology to provide a uniformly heated plate to straighten your hair. Use worry-free and enjoy the result.

Stylish and safe

The sleek design of the Syska SuperGlam makes it easy to use and helps to prevent injuries. It also uses a heat balancing technology which prevents injury and cools down relatively fast. It also has a temperature indicator to let you know how hot it’s getting.


Simple locking with just the push of a button

To lock the Syska SuperGlam HS2015, simply push the button with the lock icon on it and you’re set. To unlock it, push the button again. Couldn’t get easier than this.

360 degree swivel power cord

It comes with a 360-degree swivel power cord which is used to power the SuperGlam HS2015. Simply plug it into the socket and wait for the heating plates to warm up. The power cord also swivels around 360° to prevent unnecessary tangling and knotting while you are straightening your hair.


Temperature indicator

The Syska SuperGlam HS2015 has a temperature indicator so you can control how hot you want it.

Crafted in Korea

The special Syska SuperGlam has been crafted in Korea with latest technology and expertise. Syska Personal Care products are individually selected and crafted in Korea keeping in mind the hygiene, ease of use, quality and durability. Each product goes through thorough research. They are designed and crafted by technology experts who deliver the best products in industry delivering best consumer experience.


2 Years Warranty

Syska SuperGlam reaches you after stringent quality control process and series of tests to ensure that our products perform and last really long. Should there be any complaint the product is covered by assured 2 Years Warranty for complete peace of mind. For complete details, refer to the warranty card shipped inside the box.

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