UltraSleek HT1883

 Making a good first impression is extremely important and having styled beard makes all the difference. A trip to the barber can be costly and they may take a lot of time. No more. Shaping your beard is now hassle free with the “UltraSleek” from the house of Syska. Say goodbye to imperfect lines and untidy beards with a precision trimmer like no other, designed to define straight or curved lines and edges. Need to shave in a hurry? Do not fear as the ultra sleek offers an ultra close shave when you need it. The high quality trimming blades make for a safe, easy and hygienic trimming experience. Trim your nose and ear hair as well with the Syska ultra sleek to keep your looks as sharp as possible.


Guide combs :

4 guide combs: 3 mm, 6mm, 9mm, 12mm


Display :

LED Display indicator

Tech Specs:

  • Power: 3W
  • Input Voltage: AC100-240V, 50Hz
  • Battery type: 0.5VAA
  • Charging Time: up to 10 hours
  • Working Time: up to 35 minutes (cordless)

Be Hassle-Free with a Long Lasting Battery Charge

Keep the wires away with a long lasting battery that comes with the Syska UltraTrim. Take your time to shape your beard how you want it. Plug the UltraSleek in for 10 hours and get up to 35 minutes of continuous usage.

Convenient Ear and Nose Hair Trimming

The Syska UltraSleek can also be used as an ear and nose hair trimmer to groom those hard to reach spots and keep you looking fresh and clean.


Safe, Easy and Hygienic Grooming

The Syska UltraSleek is made in compliance with the highest international standards. It’s also very easy to use and comfortable to hold and provides a very hygienic trimming experience.

Long Lasting Blades that Give a Close Shave

The Syska UltraSleek comes with high-quality blades for a smooth trimming experience. It also comes with ultra close shave for precision trimming to define straight or curved lines and edges.


LED Indicator

The built-in LED indicator lets you know when the Syska UltraSleek is charging and when it is fully charged. If the charge of the trimmer goes below 10%, the light will turn red to indicate that it needs to be charged.

Guide Combs for Desired Length

The Syska UltraSleek comes with 4 guide combs of 3mm, 6mm, 9mm and 12mm to give you the flexibility of the beard length you desire.


Cordless Use

Do not fear any electric short circuit. No hassles of a cord or any wires to be attached while using this Syska UltraSleek. All you have to do is insert a 1.2V AA battery, switch it on and start shaving!

Crafted in Korea

The special Syska UltraSleek has been crafted in Korea with latest technology and expertise. Syska Personal Care products are individually selected and crafted in Korea keeping in mind the hygiene, ease of use, quality and durability. Each product goes through thorough research. They are designed & crafted by technology experts who deliver the best products in the industry delivering best consumer experience.


2 Years Warranty

Syska UltraSleek reaches you after stringent quality control process and series of tests to ensure that our products perform and last really long. Should there be any complaint the product is covered by assured 2 Years Warranty for complete peace of mind. For complete details, refer to the warranty card shipped inside the box.

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